Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Throughout the entire month of February the four classes have been competing in an epic battle of wit, sass, and of course class spirit. Through various games at General Assembly meetings as well as their own outside class events, each team has been accumulating points to see which class will come out on top. The winning class will be allotted a larger budget for bigger and better events in the rest of the semester. All of these small activities led up to the final Classwars showdown, the SCAVENGER HUNT.

Last Sunday a few of us braved the rain and came out to the square to compete in the scavenger hunt. Classes were asked to complete as many of the given tasks as they could in an hour, and make it back to the steps of Kimmel in time. Teams took pictures in the fountain, designed outfits for our own Devon Pryor, checked out books with their name in title, came up with cheers, and did about eight more tasks in order to complete the hunt in time. Before the showdown began the Freshmen led with 39 points, followed by the Juniors with 37, Sophomores with 31 and the Seniors trailing behind with 27 points. However, after all was said and done the Junior class won the scavenger hunt winning Classwars for the second time in a row with a whopping 77 points!

Thank you to our GA members and everyone in Steinhardt who participated, it has been lots of fun! Juniors, keep your eyes peeled for emails from your class president about upcoming events, they should be pretty crazy!

-Ezra Plancon