1831 Fund. Seniors, Leave Your Mark!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hi Steinhardt Seniors!

I hope you are enjoying your Senior year! I can’t believe it is already March and we will be graduating in a few weeks.

Last month President John Sexton and Student Senators Council Chair Katie Sylvester (also a Steinhardt senior) e-mailed our class regarding the 1831 Fund. All money raised through the new 1831 Initiative will go directly toward financial aid. It is our hope that by increasing financial support to future students, we will instill a new sense of pride and satisfaction in earning an NYU degree.

It is especially important for you to give towards the 1831 fund because President John Sexton will match every $1,000 you raise for incoming Steinhardt students. Additionally, the school with the highest participation rate with receives an additional $5,000 scholarship for incoming freshman. Since Steinhardt is a smaller undergraduate school, we have a good chance of having the highest participation rate if everyone gives $18.31 towards this year’s Senior Legacy.

Please join us in our efforts and give your $18.31 to this Fund! To learn more information or donate now, please visit https://www.nyu.edu/giving/1831-fund/ to leave your mark!


Jamie Chlebowski

President, Steinhardt Undergraduate Student Government