Allie Gerba: Thoughts on Alternate Senator

Thursday, March 31, 2011

If you are thinking of running for Alternate Senator, here is a sneak peak of the job.
The Alternate Senator is responsible for all duties delegated to him/her by the Senator (hence the title). Luckily for me, Katie Sylvester is an amazing Senator and always makes her meetings and appointments.

The second job of the Senator is to is to manage all the Steinhardt Clubs. In September/October I sent out applications for old and new clubs to apply to be an official Steinhardt clubs. Next I presented each application to the e-board, and together we approved 10 clubs. I work really closely with our awesome Treasurer, Alicia Kim, and together we delegate budgets for each club depending on their size, the kinds of events they plan, and their loyalty to USG. Alicia and I also held a meeting in the beginning of the year with the clubs to go over policies and 'how to be reimbursed.' The club reps, treasurers, presidents and myself email frequently about monetary matters, attendance, and basic questions. I was lucky to work with such great people this year! It made the job really enjoyable.

-Allie Gerba