Reflections on Elections

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It’s an interesting thing to hold student government elections at the same time as national primary campaigns are reaching the peak of their ugliness.  America is politically divided in a way that we’ve never seen before.  Cross-party relations don’t seem to be improving anytime soon.  While holding the office of Senior Class President may seem insignificant compared to the political showmanship (or lack thereof) taking place in Washington, it has taught me many things, but one in particular.  Being politically active is very important, especially when one belongs to a diverse community such as Steinhardt. 

Just as any candidate in a primary election needs to grasp, those that want to represent the student body must take into consideration their constituents.  Students within Steinhardt take on an enormous variety of roles—musicians, teachers, artists, media gurus and health professionals.  There must be people within our school that understand all of that and are willing to cater to that assortment of needs.  This is why we as a student government are so excited to recruit you as the future leaders of this school. Just as in local, state and federal governments, certain things would simply not happen otherwise.  The importance of taking initiative cannot be understated.  I am very pleased to take part in this process, and especially to pass on the torch to younger leaders within NYU.  Thank you to all that applied during this election period and to those who participate in our school and student government outside of elected positions.  Taking part in leading our school is only the beginning for you!

If you haven't yet applied and would still like to, check out the election application and information packet about available positions on the home page of our website!