Blogging Fails+MCC+Deme Lovato=Vice President

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey, I don't know how I got here from Shelly's other blog :/

 I’m Shelly Infantolino and I’m the Vice President of Steinhardt USG. I never really know what to do with blog posts, which is extremely evident in my failed attempt to have a tumblr. One of my friends looked at my tumblr once and made me aware that people really aren’t as interested in goats and Brooke Fraser as I am. Of course this was a blow to my ego and I haven’t looked at my tumblr since.

However, being a newly converted Media, Culture and Communications I feel like I should have some knowledge of the world of blogging. I’m great with the Twitter and the Facebook which inevitably comes up in every media class regardless the subject of discussion, but it wasn’t until this summer, in one of my summer courses, that I started to understand blogs.

The course was called “Culture Capital: Media and Arts in New York City” and we went all over the city to different media and art organizations such as Google, WNYC, The Apollo Theater, Blue Man Group, and my personal fave, the GMA free Demi Lovato concert in Central Park. Throughout the course of the class I had to blog about one sector of media or arts in New York City and I chose theater. Not only did I learn a ton in this class, I finally started to feel a little bit more comfortable blogging.

Now don’t expect me to be the next blog superstar or anything, but maybe I’ll have something interesting to say about how great Steinhardt is and how fabulous our undergraduate student government is. Until then I hope to see everyone at our general assembly meetings Monday at 6:30pm!

I mean, I'll never be as cool as this goat.